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I've been playing it for like an hour in total by now, becus I really like the game and want to achieve those medals, althou it seems pretty hard to get them.
I underestimated this game by a little, which is good XD I love running around jumping on everything and getting to the end fast, its not like any other game where you hav to beat enemies :P
Also I'm laughing my *ss of with the guy's talking.

It seems like the perfect fun Flash game but it has some negative points:

I tried to figure it out (by watching the intro), does it make any sense to get (fish) books to wake up a red guy you find at the end of the stage... and give him a *Hi5*??
There was a glitch. Instead of getting all the blue books you could just click on the "x2" and change it to 0, if you know what I mean. This glitch stopped working for me since the 13th of December.
This game still has some glitches, annoying glitches (that has nothing to do with the fact that the game is tricky sometimes)

1 Big problem I had (mostly in the beginning) was that I couldn't see what was in the Background, and what in the foreground

Main problem
The 5th level of Ninja Arena p*ssed me of! The control isn't made for such a level with little platforms and timed jumps. Its not just a level challenge, its a challenge about how sh*tty the controls can be.
After like 30 tries I've finally beaten that level!

Ching Chong Beautiful... Hmmm, Let's see

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